Volunteering and Volunteer Programs in Nepal

Volunteer programs in Nepal

Volunteering and volunteers programs

The Himalayan Foundation Nepal provides safe, affordable and meaningful volunteer opportunities in Nepal. We offer a broad range of volunteering programs where volunteers can choose to work in different locations throughout Nepal. Our most popular programs are working with orphan children, women empowerment programs, health programs,teaching English, summer programs, and street children programs etc.

We provide volunteer work in Nepal to international students, volunteer vacancy, gap year travellers and those that may simply want a break from their current career. Taking part in a program designed by the HFN is truly a rewarding and eye opening experience. We offer people from all corners of the globe the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the Nepalese community. We are a community based, local, not for profit organization and we will work to the best of our ability to organize your chosen program to suit your needs and take the hassle out of planning your stay. Please see below for details of the programs offered by the HFN and feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding our website or any of the programs listed .

Working with Orphaned Children

Volunteering and volunteers programs

The Himalayan Foundation Nepal is focused on providing shelter, food, and education for orphans in one of the least developed countries in the world. By providing these orphaned children with a safe and enriched environment the HFN hopes to help the future of Nepali society as well as bring happiness and fulfillment to those who would otherwise be forced to live in very difficult circumstances.
While Partaking in the the Orphaned Children's programe at HFN, there are a range of ways in which you can contribute to the Nepali communtity and change the lives of the children in our care. Short-term volunteers will usually be situated at The Living Orphanage, and those who volunteer for longer periods have the opportunity to visit, live and work in HFN's affiliated orphanages. Read more...

Volunteer To Teach English

Volunteering and volunteers programs

The Nepali English Teaching Program is an enjoyable and satisfying experience that offers volunteers a great opportunity to teach and interact with students who are eager to improve their English skills. Volunteers work primarily as English instructors in public or private Nepali schools in both urban and rural locations. Volunteers may also be asked to assist in other school activities such as sports and extra-curricular projects. As a volunteer in the English Teaching Program, you will be taking English classes for children of varying ages and ability. You may teach between 2 and 4 classes a day, with each period lasting 45 minutes. Volunteers will be teaching 6 days a week with Saturdays off and any other public holidays. Most of the children in the private school system have advanced English skills but will benefit greatly from practicing how to form sentences and other grammatical training. Whereas children under the government school system usually have a moderate or beginners level in English studies. Class sizes can depend on the size of the school but generally the expected number of children per class is between 15 and 25. In government schools and lowland areas there may be more than 50 children per class, whereas in mountainous regions class sizes may dwindle to less than 15. Read more...

Working with Street Children

Volunteering and volunteers programs

Numbers of street children are increasing in urban areas throughout Nepal, particularly in Kathmandu. Currently there are approximately 1000 street children in Kathmandu. Outside the city of Kathmandu there are over 4000 street children living in locations such as Pokhara, Biratnagar, Dharan, Nepalgunj and Bhairawa to name a few. The majority of these children are male at roughly 90%, the remaining 10% are female. The reason for the increase in homelessness among children is due to urbanization, migration, lack of family support, poverty, increasing unemployment, and abandonment. There is no organization in place to assist these children and offer them a safe and secure place to live. Those that choose to be a part of this volunteer program will be involved with preparing food and other hand outs that are designed to support these children. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to distribute these hand outs and interact with the children affected. In addition to the volunteering the HFN have put in place an opportunity for individuals to donate funds to help support the continual running of the program. Read more...

Volunteer as an Office Administrator

Volunteer Program Office Administration The HFN's office Administration volunteer program is a great opportunity for volunteers who would like to assist in empowering the Nepalese community. This program is for those that would prefer to use their organizational and language skills within the HFN office rather than be placed in rural areas of Nepal. You as a volunteer would be helping to establish the HFN's office and assist with its early development. You will become an integral part of the office by utilizing your English skills in the form of correcting and rewriting website content, handling emails on behalf of the HFN, finding volunteer placements and writing HFN newsletters (which includes updates on programs accomplishments and activities). Being part of this program provides a unique working experience and an opportunity to offer your skills to benefit the less fortunate. Read more...

Women's Empowerment Program

Women Empowerment Program

HFN's Women's Empowerment volunteer program, focuses on empowering women and children from some of the most poverty stricken areas of the country. It aims to support and uplift the women in Nepalese society; and provide a secure future to the children through various volunteer programs. Many women and children are survivors of conflict and from rural areas, where they often end up working in miserable and vulnerable conditions to make ends meet, putting their lives, education, physical and mental health at risk. Many women and children in these situations work as bonded laborers and domestic helpers who are often physically and emotionally abused by their employers and seniors. Women and children in these conditions need proper counseling and guidance to assist in their rehabilitation. The goal of this project is to work in conjunction with these women and children to regain their rights, identity and status within society. This can be achieved by integrating those affected back into society and working to build relationships with existing family members. This program offers extensive rehabilitation for those who may have lost their families due to poverty and/or conflict through education and training. Read more...

Community Health Program

Community Health Program Nepal

HFN aims to utilize volunteers with health backgrounds in rural communities. This is essential in areas where people do not always have access to health facilities. This is an important development area for HFN as the government is not able to provide adequate funding for members of the community with lower income. Additionally those residing in rural areas of Nepal are often unwilling to go to hospital or seek modern health services because of their religious and/or cultural beliefs. As a result many people die without receiving the benefits of modern medicine. HFN is playing an active role in educating these rural populations, and gathering volunteers from across the globe that are experienced in the health industry and willing to offer their services. These volunteers are placed in isolated areas to provide health services that otherwise would not be accessible to members of this community. We welcome all medical students, medical professionals, health organizations and associations, or any other individuals with experience in the health industry who are willing to offer their skills to join the HFN's Community Health Program . Read more...

HIV/AIDS Awareness Program

Millions of children and adults have been affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic by contracting the infection or seeing those close to them suffer from this aggressive disease. As women play the childbearing role this means that they are faced with issues such as mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS. The responsibility that goes along with caring for HIV/AIDS patients can be emotionally draining and expensive. As the primary care givers for children and the elderly women are usually those that take on the role of carer for those affected by the virus. This is an issue that is widespread among the Nepalese community as a substantial number of homeless youth, orphans and other individuals affected by extreme poverty will contract the virus through the sharing of syringes, unprotected sexual encounters or other means of transmission. This life threatening disease demands medical attention and if left untreated can result in other health problems and premature death. A vast majority of the Nepalese community are not aware of how the virus is contracted and individuals that are affected by the virus are often discriminated against and shunned from their families and communities. This is an issue that we hope to raise awareness for by educating the community on ways to prevent transmission of HIV/AID's and the stigma attached to the virus. Read more...

Cultural Exchange Program

Volunteering and volunteers programs HFN organize Cultural Exchange volunteer opportunities in Nepal, showcasing the country's rich culture, natural resources and landscape. The country is an intricate array of ethnic groups and sub-groups who speak over 100 languages and dialects, in addition there are numerous festivals celebrated throughout the year in traditional style highlighting enduring customs and beliefs. The culture exchange program is targeted to anyone who has a keen interest in Nepali culture. After the completion of intensive Nepali language training, volunteers will stay with Nepali family in a village and through participation embed themselves in village life. Volunteers will experience the different local culture while sharing their own culture and custom. Volunteers will gain cross-cultural experience through this program. The exchange program is suitable for an individual, family or group and there is no age restriction. This is a unique opportunity to experience Nepal differently that will leave a lasting impression. The exchange program is best organized from August to December as this is the time of festivals in Nepal and will grant many exciting experiences with your host family. Undertaking this program you will grow a deeper understanding of Nepal's social economics status, social psychology, social sociology, and social anthropology. Read more...

Environment Protection Program

In Nepal the environment is degrading rapidly. Environmental degradation is in many ways due to poor management of the environment and the lack of incentives for increasing the value of environmental resources. It is surprising to note that nature and natural lives has been the most neglected subject in Nepal. This saddening fact is mainly caused by massive deforestation activities in Nepal, which account for 29% of the county's land area.

Nepal is one of the rich countries of natural resources but now days Nepal's forest cover has been dwindling at an alarming rate as demand for firewood continues unabated in Nepal. The growing human settlement in forested land and industrialization has also intensified the problems. Many local non-government and international organizations have been raising awareness against the issue. Read more...

Organic Agriculture Program

Volunteer Organic Agriculture Farm nepal

Volunteer on a Organic Agricultural Farm in Nepal and experiance the country's main industry, farming. Over 80% of nepal families are working in agriculture. These farmers work hard in all conditions and for long hours. Most farmers despite their hard efforts live in extreme poverty. Many farms in Nepal use chemical fertilizers and pesticides that other countries no longer support to increase productivity. However evidence suggests that these unnatural farming methods are damaging to the earth, the farming produce and potentially humans that consume the products. They are bad for the ecosystem and could destroy the land. Organic Agriculture is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects. Organic agriculture combines tradition, innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote fair relationships and a good quality of life for all involved. Read more...

Christian Volunteer Ministries Program in Nepal

Church planning Mission program in Nepal

Church Mission Program

HFN organizes church mission trips for international volunteers to help support and increase awareness of the Nepalese Christian community. There are currently many churches in Nepal which HFN works in partnership with in places such as, Sindhu, Palso, Makawonpur and Chitwan, these are all potential locations for mission operations. You can get involved in our church planning program in Nepal, the goal of this program is to spread the love of Jesus to local communities through evangelism and community support oriented activities. Individual volunteers as well as larger groups can set up volunteer experience programs with these local churches and their missionary outreach programs, using each volunteer's individual experience and passion to contribute to the ever expanding Christian community in Nepal. Read more...

Need for Evangelism Missions in Nepal

Church Ministry Mission in Nepal

Nepal is a land of rich beauty with the high Himalayas to the north, mountains in the middle and the field of plains to the south. Nepal is home to 30 million people worshiping 33 hundred thousand gods. Hinduism still is the dominant religion and Buddhism follows as the second, Islam reigns in the central south of Nepal and Christianity comprises hardly a million people. Probably 90 percent of people have not even heard the gospel and 80 percent of Christian churches in Nepal are linked with foreign organizations. There are many types of evangelical programs being held in the cities and towns, but these missionaries and evangelists rarely step into the villages. Read more...

Vocational Bible School Ministry Program in Nepal

Vocational Bible School Ministry Program Himalayan foundation Nepal is working with, Vacation Bible School, an evangelical ministry designed to lead people of all ages to know and experience Jesus Christ as led by the Holy Spirit. HFN is an evangelism outreach effort that reaches out to children and adults in both our church family and the surrounding community. HFN offers a powerful and unique opportunity for sharing Jesus Christ and positively impacting the Kingdom of God. We take this opportunity very seriously and are committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ accurately with all ages. Read more...

Sponsorship program for orphaned children and Community children's Education in Nepal

Sponsor A Orphan Child in nepal

Nepal is home to more orphans than most countries as a result of a very high poverty and unemployment rate. Another huge influence was the very recent Nepali Civil War (1996-2006) in which it is estimated 15,000 people were killed and 150,000 were internally displaced, leaving government social programs in tatters. Education is a difficult task for most families, with half the population living on 1$ US per day. As a result many children begin life in the workforce at a very young age, often in very undesirable working conditions. The government is unable to provide any type of welfare plan for disadvantaged families and child abandonment is a very common occurrence in poor communities where the parents can barely provide for themselves. Other factors effecting Nepal's high number of orphans include domestic violence and social discrimination. HFN partners with a number of other orphanages and runs a child sponsorship program providing a social support network for these abandoned children, to help as many as possible. Read more...

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