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Volunteer Testimonial in nepal

I had the wonderful privilege of volunteering for the Himilayan Foundation Nepal for 2 weeks.
It was a wonderful experience playing with the children. I feel very fortunate to have been able to spend time with the kids there. The living conditions are also very nice. I have no complaints! I truly loved my experience at the Himilayan Foundation Nepal with orphanage Home, a wonderful experience I would thoroughly recommend for anyone who is looking to make a difference, be challenged and enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the Nepali people and Himalayan foundation Nepal

Kyle Maclean, California, USA

Volunteer Testimonial I had a truly wonderful volunteer experience at the at this orphanage. The family were very welcoming and the accommodation was very comfortable.
The orphanage children were some of the most loving children I have ever come across and they were always happy. We helped with their homework and played with them and they were very good at entertaining us! I had a lovely time and hope to go back again.
I recommend this volunteer program to anyone who is interested in a unique, positive way to contribute to the people of Nepal, and have a first-hand cultural experience with them.

Jaki Macduff-England

Volunteer Testimonial My stay at the Himalayan Foundation was one of my most cherished memories from my volunteer stay in Nepal. When I arrived I was greeted by some of the warmest orphanage children I have ever met and a kind loving family who made me feel welcome from the moment of my arrival. Along with a strong family environment, the orphanage is founded on strong Christian views.

David Being the pastor of the local church (located in the orphanage) welcomes you to be part of their community and to learn about their faith. The church community is a very kind group, encouraging you to experience and be part of their culture.
You spend most of your time with the children, waking up for the morning prayer group and then playing with the children till breakfast. After which you walk the children to school then you have the morning and early afternoon to explore the Kathmandu valley. The local bus picks you up at the door of the orphanage and can take you into Lainschar where it is about a ten or fifteen minute walk into Thamel.
After you pick the orphanage children up from school you help them with their homework and then afterwards have time to play. Before dinner there is another prayer group and then dinner with the family. With the orphanage children you really take on the role of a big brother or sister and keep an eye on them and get to know some of the most creative and sweetest orphanage children.

It was a pleasure for me to get to know this family. I definitely feel that I would have had a very different experience if I had lived with a host family instead of taking up my stay at the orphanage and I am grateful that I did so. I feel I truly made a bond with the children and hopefully left as much of an impact on them as they did on me, I just can say that after being with the loving children from this orphanage my life has changed and my heart has expanded. If you ever want to experience something truly especial do not hesitate to go to Nepal and spend sometime at the Himalayan Foundation Orphanage in Nepal.

Kathleen Gens, Boston MA, USA

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