Himalayan Foundation nepal volunteer testimonial

Myself and 4 friends decided to give a week of our lives helping children in Orphanages in Kathmandu, Nepal. We joined the charity organisation, IVHQ, and took the 10 hour flight to Nepal. I was at the Himalayan Foundation in Dhapasi.
The Himalayan Foundation is a church, the children pray alongside the pastor and his family. For 5 days I lived and worked with 13 children, helped with homework, enjoyed playtime and took them to school. They were aged between 4 & 14 years old.

We took gifts, clothes donated by friends, toys, colouring books, crayons, pavement chalks, stickers, modelling balloons, various learning books, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners. We made up games, handed out prized stickers if they did their homework. They are very intelligent children that deserve a helping hand in life. They work hard, pray hard and play hard.
They all fight for your attention, but they just need love and cuddles, some attention and help with study. You simply can’t focus on one child, but when you watch, you realise, given a little help, some stand just a little more chance in setting and achieving a goal in life.

The Orphanage is clean, the water is hot and the children are happy, all you can ask for is a smile
If you would like to live with a very hospitable host family and want to help children that are from poor backgrounds, this is the perfect place to give you a challenge whilst giving you an amazing insight into Nepal.
I will cherish this experience and come back to visit in the coming years.

Thank you and Kindest regards
- Helen



"In May 2010, I had the most valuable experience working as a volunteer at the Himalayan Foundation Orphanage in Nepal. The children of the orphanage filled my heart with happiness and generosity while I had the opportunity to help them with their homework and take them to school every morning. The orphanage is a peaceful place. There is a strong sense of family and lots of respect for the children. The children treat each other as brothers and sisters. They are disciplined, generous, playful, open and very loving. The experience goes beyond any words I can express in this message. I just can say that after being with the loving children from this orphanage my life has changed and my heart has expanded. If you ever want to experience something truly especial do not hesitate to go to Nepal and spend sometime at the Himalayan Foundation Orphanage in Nepal."
- Evelyn Zapata, from Medellin, Colombia



I participated in HFN's Volunteer program during my spring break, and I can honestly say that it was the one of the best experiences I've ever had. It was a perfect way to really experience Nepalese culture, as well as share my culture with them. I loved the family I stayed with, and will continue to stay in contact with them. I also really enjoyed working with the kids at the orphanage. They are amazing children, and I feel lucky to have gotten to know them. I got the opportunity to see more of what HFN does with the community, and completely support its activities. I left Nepal with sadness, but its people will always have a place in my heart. I will surely return! I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in a unique, positive way to contribute to the people of Nepal, and have a first-hand cultural experience with them.

- Kristeen, USA



“My overall experience in Nepal was incredible. I really enjoyed my time at Madan High School where I taught for three months, it was a fantastic placement one that many volunteers have enjoyed. I really bonded with some of the classes I taught. Coming into a class and seeing big smiles and looks of excitement on the faces of all the children will be one of the everlasting memories that I will take with me from my time in Nepal. Teaching classes of children from the ages of 6 - 17 was at times challenging, but also very rewarding. I enjoyed the strange questions the pupils would ask and the compliments they would give you.”

- David , Australia



As a volunteer teacher. I was placed to Jana Jyoti higher secondary school near, Bhaktapur it is 15 K.M. from Kathamandu. I was amazed at the trust and love the children shared with me after knowing me. The basic day was an early rise followed by exercise. The kids had great energy that needed to be utilized. I was able to just sit with the children and provide help with spelling, speech and writing. When the children were occupied elsewhere I would head into the office to do some paperwork. We would usually have a few games in the afternoon. Such as hide n seek, cycling, drawing and reading. The second time for the English teacher to come was at around half five. I can definitely see the progress they are making which will help them at school. My placement was too short for my liking and I am already planning my second trip in a few years time. My role as older brother and supervisor was demanding but also rewarding at the same time.”

- Michal, Canada



The experience of volunteering was simply exotic. I spent a great time with the kids. They were very happy at my presence. Those days of my life were unforgetable. I came across many cultural deviations and had an opportunity to the "Himalayan Foundation" for giving me such a golden chance.

- Lara, USA



I had the wonderful privilege of volunteering for the Himilayan Foundation Nepal for a weeks. It was a wonderful experience playing with the children. I feel very fortunate to have been able to spend time with the kids there. The living conditions are also very nice. I have no complaints! I truly loved my experience at the Himilayan Foundation Nepal

- Kyle, California



I volunteered at the Himalayan Foundation Orphanage for one week in November 2009. It was a wonderful experience, the children were so funny and happy, I helped them with their homework after school and played games with them in the evenings. Another volunteer and I shared a very nice room with an en-suite at the orphanage. The family that run the orphanage were very welcoming and friendly and made me feel at home.

- Joe Walsh, Iceland



My stay at the Himalayan Foundation was one of my most cherished memories from my stay in Nepal. When I arrived I was greeted by some of the warmest children I have ever met and a kind loving family who made me feel welcome from the moment of my arrival. Along with a strong family environment, the orphanage is founded on strong Christian views. David \'85\'85. Being the pastor of the local church (located in the orphanage) welcomes you to be part of their community and to learn about their faith. The church community is a very kind group, encouraging you to experience and be part of their culture.\par \par You spend most of your time with the children, waking up for the morning prayer group and then playing with the children till breakfast. After which you walk the children to school then you have the morning and early afternoon to explore the Kathmandu valley. The local bus picks you up at the door of the orphanage and can take you into Lainschar where it is about a ten or fifteen minute walk into Thamel.\par \par After you pick the children up from school you help them with their homework and then afterwards have time to play. Before dinner there is another prayer group and then dinner with the family. With the children you really take on the role of a big brother or sister and keep an eye on them and get to know some of the most creative and sweetest children.\par \par It was a pleasure for me to get to know this family. I definitely feel that I would have had a very different experience if I had lived with a host family instead of taking up my stay at the orphanage and I am grateful that I did so. I feel I truly made a bond with the children and hopefully left as much of an impact on them as they did on me.

- Kathleen Gens, Boston MA, USA



I throughly enjoyed my time at the Himalayan foundation Orphanage. Living there was like living in a big family and everyone was so welcoming to me that I felt at home from the moment I got there. The children are so much fun and so loving that you make a connection with them in the first few days of being there and they continued to entertain me throughout my stay. As such a big part of the Christian community I also got to meet plenty of the neighbours from Dhapasi which added to the experience and made me feel part of the village. I was only there for a month and wished I could have spent more time there because the time flies bye so quickly and I made such strong relationships that I didn't want to leave but I'm so glad to have had the experience and will definately do something like it again.

- Oliviya, UK



I had a truly wonderful experience at the at this orphanage. The family were very welcoming and the accommodation was very comfortable. The children were some of the most loving children I have ever come across and they were always happy. We helped with their homework and played with them and they were very good at entertaining us! I had a lovely time and hope to go back again. I recommend this program to anyone who is interested in a unique, positive way to contribute to the people of Nepal, and have a first-hand cultural experience with them.

- Jaki Macduff-England


It was only a week we spent in Nepal but it was like we had spent a year already there, which was a very fruitful period and experience. When we left Nepal, we felt so sad and we thought that the expensive air tickets we spent for only one week were so worthwhile because we had many wonderful moments in the orphanage home that we stayed in Nepal.

On the first day of arrival of the orphanage home, we were guided by another volunteer of the house, who is come from Israel. She introduced the home members for us nicely. They all welcomed us with great smiles. Although it was hard for us to remember all children's names, we tried to write them down so that it would be easier or us to remember. The first impression of the kids for us was that they are so cute, lovely, smart and decent. They were so obedient and they always wore sweet smiles on their faces. We were so happy to meet them.

In the later days, we taught the kids once for English. We read story book for them and we played a game that asking the kids to write the most animal names in English. It was so surprising that they wrote 100. Even for me, I think I can't write up so many, but the kids were so talented that they could do it.

Moreover, we painted with the children one morning. They were so happy that they have choices to choose their favorite colors and pictures to paint. They were like a professional painters!! They made the pictures so colourful! Also they brought up our life so many colours too! Thanks to them!

Another I remember most was that we brought the children to schools one morning. They held our hands warmly and it was like they were our children actually. And I saw their happy smiles when going to school. We said goodbye to them and we promised to pick them up when they were off school. Therefore, later again, we picked up them from school and we took some beautiful pictures from them. That day they gave us good news, which was that they got new books from teachers! They all wore exciting and happy faces. Then we helped them wrapping their new books with newspaper. This was our first time wrapping so many books at a time, which was so interesting to us. After that we taught some kids to do some homework. They were mainly English and mathematics. We enjoyed much teaching them. They were all so smart and hardworking. Some kids were so talented that they could learn guitar very quickly. If they were given more resources, we believed that they would have shown more potentials and it would pretty much like they would succeed in the future. And they also behaved very well like helping the home going out to get tap water, which was very heavy for the kids.

In addition, we played many children games with the kids. We taught them some new games like king queen paper scissors rock, black magic, the leader game, guess who, 123 traffic light, some magic, etc. We enjoyed playing with them so much. Sometimes the kids would make you keep laughing because of their funny behaviors and playful jokes. They were so sweet as well. The kids there were different from Hong Kong. They treasured much their time in anything. For example, they were happy so much when they heard that they could go swimming. Every kid enjoyed so much that day, as well as the adults! Not like the children in Hong Kong, happiness is not easy to get really. For the Nepal people, happiness could be so simple. I really like this simple character, which inspired me that I should treasure the time with my loved ones more like family, friends, etc.

Furthermore, we showed the kids of Hong Kong pictures one afternoon and we let them know more about our city. The kids were so curious about our life in Hong Kong and it was like a cultural exchange at that time. It was good that we could share our feelings and previous experiences to them in that platform.

The last but not least unforgettable experiences to us was the church experiences. Before the trip, we didn't expect that there were Christians in Nepal because there are mainly Hindus and buddhists in Nepal. We were so happy that we could have bible reading and prayed together every day. It was a peaceful and warm Easter. We did thank god for the wonderful arrangement for us.

When we left, we wrote cards for the kids and it was so touching that they sang and danced for us. They were so cute and lovely. We could not help crying when we left because we did not want to leave at all. Time really flies and we miss so much about the journey and the house members in the orphanage home in Dhapasi. Thanks so much for giving the chance for us to serve, to enjoy and to learn as well. The house members are very friendly and nice and we enjoyed the food and accommodation given. Thank you very much. We wish they have good health and happiness. And we hope that we could meet again in the future soon. We miss them so much!

  Vanice Chan and Franko Tsang , Hong Kong


At the end of my world trip I decided to do some volunteer work. I could stay in the orphanage during my volunteerwork with street children. I was very glad that I could experience 'not feeling like a tourist' for the first time during my world trip. I felt like part of the family and I had even the chance to join the wedding of Davids sister. The children are used to volunteers so it didn't take a long time to become close with them. Also because they speak very good English. Mariya and Rama, two sisters, take care of all the children. They do their very best and make you feel like home. The structure of the orphanage is based on Christianity and praying is a very important part of the live of the family. Besides praying, homework has also a high priority. The children and the family appreciate very much if you assist the children with that. After making homework and in the weekends there is time to play. When you have the idea to change things, you will be disapointed. When you can adapt yourself and put your own values and norms asight, you will have a great time. I want to thank the family for giving me this unforgettable experience.

Femke Schoenmaekers, Netherland



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