Orphanege Children's Profile

Orphan Children's Profile Name : Pabitra
Date Of Birth : 9th may, 2001
Sex : Female
Class : Seven (7)
What is your future aim? : Pilot
Health Condition: Normal

General Information support a child:

Pabitra is an extremely hard working girl who loves to study and does very well at school. She has an amazing smile that brightens up the room and loves to laugh and play with the other children. She is always willing to learn new things and loves meeting new people and making new friends. She is great at looking after the other children and acts as one of the big sisters in the group. Pabitra is from a small and remote village. She is from an impoverished family; her mother is deceased due to a sudden illness leaving her father to remarry another woman forcing him to abandon her and due to the extreme poverty of the family. She was left behind helpless unable to provide for herself. enough food, love, affection and education for their children. Pabitra has now taken shelter in this home and has been given food, love, affection, and education that every child deserves. Pabitra needs your care, love, support and Sponsor to allow her the chance for a better life with shelter, food, and a proper education.

Orphan Children's Profile Name : Danial
Date Of Birth : 2nd October, 2004
Sex : Male
Class : Seven(7)
What is your future aim? : Pilot
Health Condition: Normal

General Information support a child:

Danial is a mischievous and cheeky little boy with a big heart. He is a funny, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor.In the house the other children call him the 'rhino' due to his great strength! He is a diligent student and studies hard as well as helping the other children with their homework. His energetic and quirky personality help make light of any situation. He loves being surrounded by his family and friends and is a great addition to the family. Danials father died in a tragic motorcycle accident while returning to his family from a trip to Kathmandu. The accident left his mother unable to Sponsor or provide enough food, love, affection and good education for her child due to the neglect of women and poverty. So his became homeless, he run form home and his state to survive in street, He has now been taken in from this home, and needs your help, support and Sponsor in order to continue to provide him with education and a place I this home.

Orphan Children's Profile Name : Supriya
Date Of Birth : 4th September, 2004
Sex : Female
Class : Four (4)
What is your future aim?: Teacher
Health Condition: Normal

General Information support a child:

Supriya is a bubbly and eccentric character who is the life of the party. She has a bright personality within the house and loves to be the center of attention. She's very loving and caring and loves to play the role of big sister to the younger children and take care of them. Supriya Pariyar is an orphan girl. Her father died during a Maoist protest, when she was just one year old. After her father passed away her mother got remarried. When her mother remarried Supriya was abandoned and left without a family. She is from a very low class and therefore suffers from harsh discrimination and given little opportunity. She has been staying at the home since 5 year. She is very intelligent, talented, and a lively girl that is eager to learn. She needs your support, help and Sponsor in order to allow her the opportunities she has not been given .

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