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How can you SEND Money?

Sponsor A Orphan Child in nepal

There are 3 options to send money, / IME / Money Gram, Western Union, wire Transfer to Bank, Paypal

IME / Money Gram / Western Union:

is the fastest ways to send money abroad. You may require going to their Outlets and filling in a form to send cash or you can send online donations with Western Union . In many countries, their charges are cheaper than wire transfers. You can use the name Mariya Rijal OR Nandha Lal Prasai as receiver and email us the MTCN (unique number to withdraw money) code. In the United States, this may cost about 10 USD to send.

Wire Transfer:

You need a SWIFT code for this service. It takes 3 to 5 business days to send money and in many countries, wire transfers are more expensive than Western Union / IME / Money Gram. Please ask your bank for their charges to send money to Nepal.

Please use the following bank address to send money for HFN if you prefer wire transfer:

      Our Bank Details:

Account Holder's Name:


Current Account Number:


Bank Name:


Bank Address:


Bank SWIFT Code:



This is one of the most trusted online payment gateways. It is very convenient for the donor as funds can be transferred directly by all major credit cards. However, please note that expenses are significant. We estimate total expenses to be around 8 % of the donation. Please bear this in mind when making your donation, e.g. if you want to donate USD 250 you effectively have to transfer USD 270 to Paypal. Please click here to proceed for payment, to donate.

Please email us at if you need any more information.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Kind regards,
Himalayan Foundation Nepal (HFN)
Ward No: 09, Tokha municipality, Kathmandu, Nepal
Phone No: +977 (1) 4375403
Please email us : OR

Wechat ID: debilal9841440275

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