Evangelism Program in Nepal

Evangelism Program in Nepal: (Minimum 1 Week to 5 Months)

Evangelism Program in Nepal

Nepal is a land of rich beauty with the high Himalayas to the north, mountains in the middle and the field of plains to the south. Nepal is home to 30 million people worshiping 330 million gods. Hinduism is still the dominant religion while Buddhism follows as the second. Islam reigns in the central south of Nepal and Christianity comprises hardly a million people. Almost 90 percent of people have not even heard the gospel and as a result 80 percent of Christian churches in Nepal are linked with foreign organizations. There are many types of evangelical programs being held in the cities and towns, but these missionaries and evangelists rarely venture into the villages, an area we are trying to reach with the gospel.

Need for Evangelism in Nepal

Awareness and information about the gospel is being introduced into the hearts of the leaders, but their strategy is limited. honesly speaking, Nepal has not been adequately exposed to the gospel. People are still waiting to hear the hopeful message of Jesus Christ and have developed a factional mentality: 'I am the member of this religion or faction', and very seldom seek peace outside of their family tradition or community. The gospel must be taught by Nepalese people to Nepalese people. Church members must become disciple-makers, fishers of men, and not just complacent members of the Church. Nepal has the potential for evangelical outreach, so many people have not even heard about Jesus yet. People are receptive and in need of the gospel and we must not pass up this opportunity.

Become a partner

For years, we have been looking for opportunities to share the gospel with Nepal. We need to be vigilant and watch for places where these opportunities arise. Please join with us today as a gospel partner to spread the love of Jesus Christ in Nepal through outreach programs, film showings, house-to-house visits, and disciple-making programs. We can accomplish more standing together then we can alone. Partnership was the mindset of Apostle Paul -the mindset of working together to fulfill what God wants to do in the lives of people through us. Write to us today. Let us put our creed aside, let us go out and save people.

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OR Email: You can also visit Mission in Church to learn more about Christian ministry in Nepal.

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Evangelism Program in Nepal Evangelism Program in Nepal

Evangelism Program in Nepal Evangelism Program in Nepal

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